Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hi people, hope you are all doing well. Everything here is going pretty well, except for having to work so much. But even thats not so bad, we all have a pretty good time and a good laugh. I finally got to do some sightseeing in London the other day. Me, Chris and Pat (a couple of other australians i live with) went in and did a bus tour from the top of a double decker. It was really good, and we saw big ben, the tower of london (which is more of a 2 story keep, than a tower) and all the other usual things. I got some cool photos, which i'll probably burn to cd when i get a few more and send over to you guys. we also went to the museum, i bought a thundercats jacket, and we had to evacuate the tube station because of an "emergency". luckily nothing blew up, because it took us about 15 minutes to get out of the place. Anyway we are going to go back and see buckingham palace, westminster abbey and a few other things up close when we get the chance.
im looking through the fairbridge photos right now, looks like you guys had a good time, as usual. i was a bit disturbed by the half naked hulahoop chick doing the childrens show though...seems to be alot more dads than mums in the audience too :P
i shaved my beard off today too, first time i've seen my face in 4 years or so i think, its still as pretty as ever. not much else interesting to report, im not sure how long i'll stay where i am now, i like it quite a bit here, so we'll have to see. my sisters wedding is off now, so i might not even come back in'd be typical if the eagles won the grand final this year. anyway ill let you know when i know whats going on.
hope everyone is going well, let me know whats happening back home...
cya later

Thursday, May 11, 2006


hey people, hows things going? i hope all is well back home. anyway in case you didnt know, im working in watford at a walkabout pub (supposedly a chain of australian themed pubs). it's alot of fun, but im working long hours, hence the lack of updates. the only real chance i get to come on the net is on my days off, and i was sick for a few of them, and then went to see my reletives for the rest. im living in a shared house with 7 other people at the moment. its pretty good though because theres always someone around to talk to and do stuff with. unfortunately this always seems to end with us drinking lots of alcohol. the pub where im at gets really busy at night, its almost like a club on weekends, except there arent that many hot chicks....theres a definate lack of them in watford, but all the girls who work at the pub are pretty nice. its also a kind of sports bar, so when theres soccer matches on it gets really busy too, and you definately get more wankers in the place when games are on. theres also an upstairs bit to the pub where they have comedy shows on. most of the comedians are pretty good, but one a couple of weeks didnt get anyone to laugh during most of his show, and then made 2 girls run out of the building crying. so its a pretty entertaining place.
anyway sorry i havent got much exciting to say, hope all of you that went to fairbridge had a good time. go the eagles....except for last week....
cyas later

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, I just haven’t done anything really interesting to report. I managed to get food poisoning last week, or so I thought, it actually turned out to be a bug, that half of the villiage I was staying in came down with. Everyone seems 2 go down to the local pub so I guess it got passed around down there. So I spent a few days recovering from that, sitting on the couch, watching fresh prince of bel air replays, gotta love pre-getting jiggy with it will smith. There was some good news to come out of the week though, my aunty and uncle and nanna and granddad bought me early birthday presents. I got an ipod nano, which is pretty cool, but ive been forced to put things like queen, meatloaf and dare I say it, a spice girls song, just so ive got something to listen to, they have really crap music in the cd stores over here. But I did pick up ice cubes greatest hits cd for about £5, so I wont be needing my copy back from glenn (for those who know the story), although its probably been stepped on anyway….I’m still waiting for deathrows Christmas album though. I also i got a cool set of speakers for the ipod so I can listen without the headphones if I want. So things have been on the up. I got offered an assistant managers position at a pub somewhere, but I turned it down cos they wanted me for 6 months. But just a couple of days ago I got a job at a pub/ comedy club in Watford, which is about 20 minutes by train from London. Its actually at a walkabout pub, which is a chain of Australian themed pubs, and is popular with the clubbing sort of people. I just saw one on a tv show called ‘girl cops’ (which centred around a woman police officer giving out fines for public urination, a big problem in Manchester apparently), and there seemed to be lots of girls in short skirts waiting to get in, so I should at least have something to look at if the job sucks. Ill be living in a flat about 15 minutes walk from the pub, so it should be interesting walking home at 1am. Then again it can’t be any worse than walking around northbridge at night. But im living with about 5 other people, so hopefully it’ll be good fun.
So this week, ive been to a few more pubs (there seems to be a theme to my trip), I went into town (Derby, pronounced Darby for those playing at home) on a Friday night with one of my uncles and saw my first english bum, lying in a doorway begging for money. Then on Saturday I went to warwick castle, which is one of the best still in tact castles in England. They had heaps of swords and armour and stuff hanging up, which I stupidly didn’t take any photos of. Me and my aunty went on this ghost tour thing, which was really a bunch of actors hiding behind smoke and jumping out of the dark trying to scare everyone. Theyd obviously had some trouble with people punching them in the nose or something, because the freaky lady at the entrance door, dressed as a ghost and painted all white told us not to touch the ghosts. But all the same it was pretty cool. Then we went to a town called Stratford where Shakespeare was born. That was packed, it was like a shopping centre just before Christmas. And there were heaps of Americans wandering around. But it was very cool looking, with all the old buildings. And there were heaps of interesting shops, (all you girls would love the shopping in England). We walked past the house that Shakespeare was born in (trivia: he was actually born on the same day as me, the 23rd of april) but we didn’t bother going in, it didn’t look that interesting, and I always hated trying to decipher his plays in English back at school.
Sunday was a pretty quiet day, I went to see a manor house called keddleston. It was really interesting though, they had all these ornaments made out of blue john, a crystally type stuff found only in Derby, which they cant actually mine anymore because theres not much left, and the only mine is heritage listed anyway. But they had all these huge rooms with fancy furniture and silverware everywhere. And there were all these people from the heritage society littered around the place, who insisted on following us around yabbering away at us, with useful titbits such as ‘they didn’t throw out the chamber pots, they actually kept them in the wig cupboard, because the ammonia would kill off the fleas in the wigs.’ Where would you be without little old ladies I ask you? Anyway the grounds outside were cool, and also lacking said little old ladies. I also saw the lord and lady of the manor from a distance, but unfortunately they didn’t have any 20 yr old daughters. So the dream of finding a hot rich English chick goes unfulfilled.
Yesterday I went to see my uncles house, and went for lunch, at a pub of course…I had to drink fosters, cos it was the only cold beer they had…bastards…
The trip there and back was interesting, because my nannas 81 yr old cousin, who is blind in 1 eye actually drove me there. I made it there and back in one piece though, I guess I’m destined to go onto greater things. And I saw a crossroads where 6 roads actually intersect. Thankfully it was on a quiet country lane, otherwise my survival would have been far from certain.
And that’s about it for now, I go down to Watford on Sunday, so I’m not sure when the next update will be, probably when I’ve got something exciting to tell you (hopefully something to do with the previously mentioned English girls in short skirts).

Monday, March 20, 2006


hey guys, hope things are going well over there...enjoying the heat? we've had a mini heat wave over here, it actually got up to 6 degrees yesterday. I havent really noticed the cold though, ive been walking around in about 4 layers of clothing, looking very michellin man like. It actually snowed the other day so i took a few pictures and then went for a walk through some fields....i cant find a usb port on this computer though, so you'll have to wait for the photos. its actually been too cold to do too much, so my reletives have been taking me to lots of pubs. i think i've been to about 15 so far. I went to the Dolphin, which is one of the oldest pubs in Derby (where i was born, and where im staying now), and the Standing Order, which used to be a huge bank. i've tried heaps of beers, and i actually tried Fosters, because nearly every single pub ive been into has had it on one seems to drink it though still. I'd rate it up there with EB and XXXX, (2 of the worst beers ever made i think). so anyway im staying with my aunty and uncle this week in a little villiage. it's conveniently placed 100 metres from the local pub, and its like an episode of cheers when u go in there, everyone knows everyone else. but the best part is that they actually have a fully stocked (well not so fully stocked anymore) bar in their entertainment room. we had a party here for my cousins birthday on saturday, and i got really really drunk. My uncle had just put on a new keg of grolsch in the afternoon, and we managed to finish it off, which he says has never been done before. I then spent Sunday in bed sleeping till about 4 in the arvo. but i met lots of nice people, no girls though, skanks or otherwise. But my cousins friends were cool, i spent alot of the night talking with them. and i met my second cousin in-law (not sure if that even exists) and we had fun. me and him did the most damage to the keg i think. i seemed 2 be involved with lots of conversations where guys bragged about how they made good time getting to the party, how many miles they'd done, and how long it took them, and what route they took. they also have a jukebox in the room with the bar, and a pool table too, and i know i was really drunk, but i swear i saw my 75 yr old godfather doing the YMCA. well anyway, sorry i havent got anything exciting to report, but its been too cold to go anywhere really. so hope your're all well, and next time i update i'll hopefully have something more interesting to say...

Friday, March 10, 2006


hey guys, hope things are going well....i finally arrived here yesterday morning, after heaps of delays. thanks to brett for being the taxi...we were delayed leaving perth, then i got to kuala lumpur, where we were delayed again, and to make matters worse, the only cash machine in the whole place was broken, so i could buy anything. after leaving kuala lumpur i sat next to an irish couple who were quite nice, and i watched a few really bad movies. so we got to heathrow and had to circle for 20 minutes, but the sun was just beginning to rise, and there were clouds everywhere so that was really pretty. then we landed, and had to do bog laps of the airport waiting for a departure gate to free up. sorry if this isnt too coherent, i've had a few beers, and am pretty tired, didnt sleep at all on the plane, and yes i had my first warm beer, and it wasnt too bad to be honest (please dont hate me), but im now onto the cold stuff. so i haven't really been doing much, just hanging out with the rellies. i went into the town near the place where i was born yesterday, which was nice, but a bit disorientating. theres so many people around and everythings packed in so tight. but all of the buildings are really quaint looking, and the villiages look like theyre out of movies. i went shopping for a jacket today,as i couldnt fit mine into the suitcase, (which the zip broke on on the way over, sorry dad i'll buy a new one to replace it) i got a nice jacket though, and i look hot in it, so hopefully a few of the local girls will take notice :P. so far i havent seen to many skanks (which i was warned about), in fact there are quite a few cute chicks around. anyway, better be off, im going to a pub 2nite for dinner with my reletives so that will be good. no pictures yet, i havent had a chance to take my camera anywhere, and i dont know how much of a chance ill get to update this so we'll have to see what happens. anyway, hope you are all doing well, i'll try and get bak on the net when i've done some more interesting things, but we'll have to see.
catchyas later